Heal 360 provides a number of services to consumers in a relaxed, neighborhood facility. They have emergency care, family medicine, pediatrics, weight loss programs, and occupational healthcare for patients that need quick reliable services. It is an excellent emergency care center in Wylie.

With a qualified staff of doctors, nurses, and technicians they treat you in less than 20 minutes. Their prices are reasonable, they won’t break the bank. This is a great place to have your annual medical exam and take your family for checkups. We offer exams in the evenings and on weekends. Our friendly staff practices family medicine and covers all the bases. Women, men, and children can get a basic medical exam. They offer standard vaccinations and immunizations that are needed. The staff offers all type of tests to patients. They have a blood pressure test, pregnancy test, cholesterol test and management, paps smears, hearing tests, colon cancer screening, HIV testing and more.

The staff can help you mange diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. They can even select the right hospital to refer you to for more serious illnesses. The staff is trained in urgent care. They are a top rate emergency care center in Wylie. Don’t wait when you have an emergency situation let the staff here help you get better. When you have severe allergies, chest pains, food poisoning, headaches, heartburn, sinus infections, warts, or stomach pains stop by. They take X-rays and have a labs on the premises.

They specialize in injuries for children and adults. Drop in for treatment of bug bites, burns, concussions, ingrown toenails, eye injuries, and puncture wound. The qualified staff has the expertise to assist you quickly. They practice Occupational Medicine which means getting your workers back to work quickly. We perform breath and alcohol tests, OSHA physicals, vision screenings, executive physicals. and Hepatitis B testing.

he staff at Heal 360 strive to treat your workers quickly suggesting modified work schedules when they are injured. This emergency care center in Wylie takes workers all times of day. Heal 360 has a comprehensive program that treat children. They treat common conditions and provide physicals for school. The staff screens children in sports for safety and health. They provide most of the vaccinations that children need for school and in general. The facility treats sports injuries for athletes Some of the injuries the facility treats is tennis elbow, lacerations, joint dislocations, frozen shoulder and back problems.

Call this emergency care center in Wylie to get quick and reliable services for emergencies, sports injuries, work related issues, family medicine, and pediatrics.

Do you want to know more about our emergency care center in Wylie? Feel free to contact Heal 360 Urgent Care at 972-226-8900.