Employess Health Welfare

We keep your employees healthy and working safely. Our physicians focus on a back-to-work mentality as they treat your employees. Contact one of our Marketing Representatives to see how Heal 360 Urgent Care can build a relationship with your company to provide state of art care for your employees. Don’t hesitate to get started now!

  • Minimize employee out-of-work time
  • Utilize modified duties for injured employees as appropriate
  • Providers trained in occupational health
  • Adherence to Official Disability Guidelines (ODG)
  • DOT certified
    • Breath and blood alcohol testing
    • Pre-placement exam
    • OSHA Physicals
    • DOT Exams
    • X-Ray capabilities on site
    • Executive Physicals
    • Audiometry
    • Vision Screening
    • Spirometry
    • On-site medical services
    • Physical capability and lift assessment
    • EKG
    • Pulmonary function test
    • Hepatitis B testing

Do you want to know more about our occupational medicine and work related injuries? Feel free to contact Heal 360 Urgent Care at 972-226-8900.