There are many seasonal allergies triggered by various seasonal elements. One of the most common causative agent is pollen. Different allergies exhibit different symptoms. Therefore, to deal with a given allergy effectively, it is important to recognize them well by their symptoms. The most common symptoms for allergies are stuffy noses, constricted breathing system and congested, teary eyes. Taking medication seasonally to suppress an allergy is good but discouraging if the allergy keeps affecting you every spring and fall. The best medication is that which gives you immunity against the allergy. This is where seasonal allergy shots in Wylie come in.

How Seasonal Allergy Shots In Wylie Work

Allergies occur when the affected person’s immune system reacts to an allergen. Usually, the immune system releases antibodies to fight the allergen. The antibodies travel to all affected cells, causing them to produce chemicals which lead to an allergic reaction. This knowledge is the backbone of the application of allergy shots. If you are a seasonal allergy victim, you may be wondering whether allergy shots are suitable for you. Maybe you should first understand the concept before concluding anything. The concept behind allergy shots is to desensitize the immune system to particular allergens responsible for causing allergy reactions. Using seasonal allergy shots in Wylie to tackle allergies can be a long process and therefore you need patience. However, this is a small price to pay for long term relief for people with allergies.

Seasonal allergy shots in Wylie work like vaccines. The body responds gradually to increasing doses of injected allergens. Eventually, with time, the body develops tolerance and resistance to the allergen. The result is either reduced, minimal or complete elimination of allergy symptoms.

The Two Phases of Allergy Shots

There are two phases of the administration of seasonal allergy shots in Wylie. The first phase, which takes between three six months, is the build up phase. At this stage, the shots are given in increasing allergen content.

The second phase, which is called the maintenance phase, is administered after the most effective build up dose has been reached. It is unique for every person, based on how allergic they are and how responsive they are to the buildup injections. Once this level has been reached, the interval between injections increases to between two to four weeks. Heal 360 Urgent Care provides you with all you need to know about allergies and helps you manage and control them better for your long term well being.

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