If you or someone you know suffers from asthma, you know the various treatments used to provide short term and long term relief. Individuals who have been recently diagnosed are just now learning how to cope with asthma and may feel overwhelmed. It is important to understand the connection between asthma and breathing treatments in Wylie to know just how your asthma will be managed.

When you have asthma, the symptoms will have to be handled on a daily basis depending on the severity of your diagnosis. When symptoms arise or an attack occurs, you will have to take treatment into your own hands for the resolution of symptoms or contact a doctor who specializes in the disease. It is essential that all measures are taken to prevent an asthma emergency.

Medications for Asthma

There are two basic types of medications that are used to treat asthma, steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs. Inhaled steroids have proven to be the most effective for asthma sufferers. The medication is breathed in and reduces the swelling and mucus being produced in the airways of the body. The airways become less sensitive due to the asthma and breathing treatments in Wylie which will help to stem the symptoms of the disease.

A bronchodilator can also be used to relax the muscles of the airways and prevent an asthma attack. The airways are opened when using this treatment to allow for easy breathing. Considered a rescue inhaler, a short-acting bronchodilator will relieve such breathing symptoms as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and tightening of the chest. Long-acting options also exist to give patients an added sense of security on top of inhaled steroids during breathing treatments. The combination of treatments will ensure the individual is able to avoid major asthma symptoms or attack.


For infants and children, even adults in some cases, a nebulizer is needed. This asthma and breathing treatments in Wylie option will see a machine that has a mouthpiece used as an inhaler. A mask can also be used to provide the asthma medication via a mist. Liquid is placed in the machine and then turned into a mist so it can easily be inhaled into the lungs. Individuals using a nebulizer will have to do the treatment for a few minutes before results are seen in breathing.

After an Asthma Attack

Once a serious asthma attack occurs, the individual may be placed on oral corticosteroids by a physician. This is a treatment that can be helpful in the short term but not recommended in the long term as serious permanent effects can take place.

It is recommended that individuals with asthma work with asthma specialists to ensure their treatment is the right option. Daily life can be a struggle when dealing with asthma so the right medications are a must. When a treatment is working, alert your physician so a different treatment can be given. With the right breathing treatment, asthma symptoms will be avoided, especially asthma attacks.

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